Leon Ai

Leon AI is an open-source personal assistant that can live on your server. You can talk to Leon and he can talk to you. He is built on top of Node.js, Python, and artificial intelligence concepts.

Leon AI aims to provide a unique personalized experience. He can do things when you ask him to.

Other AI assistants include Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Google Assistant, ELSA Speak, Fyle, Socratic, and Youper.

Leon Ai will serve as the initial backbone for Eden.  Leon Ai will be used to automate and control all localized systems.  The user can instruct leon ai to do a task, and it will automously use whatever resources it has at its disposal to complete the task in the most effecient manner. which may include, but not be limited to:

Leon.Ai itself, AutoGPT, EngineerGPT, PrivateGPT, ChatAgents, Third Party Ai Tools, and Language Models

You can see updates on my progress of Leon.Ai Development by clicking here.

Leon.Ai: An Overview

Version: 1.0.0-beta.7+dev

Introduction: Leon.Ai is an open-source personal assistant designed to reside on your server. It responds to your commands and requests, effectively acting as a second brain. You can interact with Leon.Ai through voice or text communication. Importantly, you can configure Leon to operate offline, prioritizing your privacy. The platform employs AI concepts to enhance its capabilities, making it a versatile and intelligent assistant.

Motivations: The creators of Leon.Ai developed it as a solution to address various tasks in daily life. Rather than building separate projects for each task, Leon.Ai offers a modular structure where different modules (skills) can be created and shared. This approach enables a unified core while allowing users to customize their experience by adding specific modules. Leon.Ai embraces open-source principles, privacy, and AI technology.

Installation: Leon.Ai offers different installation methods, including CLI, Docker, and manual setup. The prerequisites for installation include Git, Node.js (version 16 or higher), and npm (version 8 or higher).

Creating and Running Leon: After installing the Leon CLI, you can create and run Leon.Ai using the following commands:

Once Leon is up and running, you can communicate with it via text and ask it to perform various tasks. For more information about the specific tasks Leon can perform, you can refer to the packages list in the documentation.

Please note that the information provided is based on the documentation you shared and might not include the very latest updates or changes. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, always refer to the official Leon.Ai documentation and resources.

here's a brief summary of each skill:

These skills cover a wide range of functions, from information retrieval and entertainment to productivity and interaction. You can interact with each skill by using its predefined triggers and commands. Keep in mind that these skills are customizable and you can further develop or modify them according to your preferences and needs.