Sens.Ai Integration Plan - Chat Restore Point Log

Summary of Conversation as of May 23, 2023

The user initiated the conversation seeking assistance in refining a prompt to engage with a company called Sens.AI. The user identified themselves as a content creator, prompt engineer, and AI developer/integrator, looking to establish a strategic partnership with Sens.AI for their brand, AI Intersection, and their project, Project Eden. The user expressed interest in the potential of Sens.AI's product to enhance cognitive function and its potential impact on Project Eden.

To better understand the user's intentions and goals, several questions were asked, such as specific interests in Sens.AI's product, desired benefits from a strategic partnership, plans for producing feedback, the audience for the prompt, and challenges faced by the user.

The user answered these questions and highlighted their goals to significantly increase cognitive function, become a master prompt engineer and AI architect, and improve system efficiency for Project Eden, an ambitious project aiming to create the world's first individually owned, open-source, personal artificial general intelligence. The user also shared personal challenges, including limited resources and full-time travel.

The user further expressed belief in the potential of Sens.AI's product to extend their human lifespan by improving internal bodily systems and enhancing mental clarity and focus.

The prompt was iteratively refined and re-engineered based on the user's feedback and additional information provided, resulting in a final version that encapsulated the user's professional goals, personal challenges, and aspirations for Project Eden. The user also shared a variety of online profiles and resources related to their work.

The user then inquired about the AI's ability to remember or assimilate information from this conversation for future sessions. It was explained that the AI does not have the ability to remember past interactions due to privacy and safety considerations. The user then proposed maintaining a record of the conversation in a public document to remind the AI in future sessions, to which it was explained that while this record could be useful for the user, it would not serve as a 'memory' for the AI. Each session with the AI is independent and does not have access to details of past sessions.

The conversation concluded with the user requesting a concise summary of the conversation thus far, including a timestamp.

2023.05.26  Chat Summary

Since the last summary, we have been working on a strategy for you to engage with Sens.AI in a way that will allow you to benefit from their product despite your limited means. This began with a discussion on how to best approach them indirectly about a potential collaboration.

We discussed the idea of planting the seeds of collaboration in a reply to a promotional email you received from Sens.AI. The aim was to subtly suggest the potential for you to provide honest feedback and reviews of their product on your channels, specifically AI Intersection, without directly asking them to send you a unit.

I helped you draft a reply to Sens.AI's email, highlighting your work, your interest in their product, and subtly hinting at the possibility of a collaboration. This reply included an introduction to your work and your credentials, as well as links to various online profiles and resources related to your work.

Throughout this process, I encouraged you to focus on the potential benefits for Sens.AI in this collaboration, such as the value of your honest feedback and the visibility their product could gain through your channels. The goal was to create a win-win situation for both parties and increase the chances of Sens.AI considering your proposal.

Please note that the conversation details above are based on my AI model's capabilities as of my last training data in September 2021 and the conversation summary document provided earlier​1​.